Becoming a Fit Father

As a father, you are being closely watched every day-by your children. They each want to know about this mystery called adulthood. Each one knows this is his/her destination some day. What do you want your kids to learn? Does their health matter to you? Does your health matter to you? Whatever you want them to do, they will learn best if you practice it yourself. In this workshop, we'll look at ways you as a father can develop positive self-care habits you can pass on to your children.

You will leave this workshop with:

1. Goals and strategies for your own fitness and fathering;
2. A worksheet and resource list that includes
publications and web sites supportive of healthy fathering;
3. Drawing on the wisdom of the dads present, support and guidance in your fathering role.

Introductory workshop: Thursday, February 20 or Thursday April 17, 7-9pm
Cost: $25.00

Crescent Wind Center for Healing 2000 Aldrich Avenue South Minneapolis

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