Bridging the Gap: Helping Women Speak So Men Will Listen

When I offer workshops and classes on men's health and well-being, I find that many of the participants are women. In some cases women make up two-thirds of the students. These women want to know how to talk to their beloved men to encourage them to take good care of themselves. Men tend to deny their vulnerability. This is a dilemma many in healthcare and public
health share.

He may be your son, husband, brother, father, uncle, or nephew. Or, perhaps, a coworker or friend. The reality remains, you fear he is neglecting himself and you feel powerless to intervene.

You do have power in this situation. Just as women have a unique way of communicating, so do men. Based on 20 years of experience with gender issues, I help women understand men and bridge the gap between their two languages. You can get through to him without playing the victim or codependent mother figure. As you speak from your power as a woman you call forth his power as a man.

Upon completing this class, you will have:

1. Created new communication options for the yourself with the men in your life;
2. A set of tools to apply those options to specific situations;
3. An abundance of print and internet resources for self-care.

Introductory workshop: Thursday, February 13 or Thursday, April 10, 7-9pm
Cost: $25.00

Crescent Wind Center for Healing 2000 Aldrich Avenue South Minneapolis

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